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Dissolution Lawyers in Boulder

Pursue an Amicable Marriage Dissolution as an Alternative to Trial

When people think about ending their marriage, they typically think of combative divorce trials as being the only route. At Michael C. Morphew, Attorney at Law, our Boulder family law attorneys are here to provide clients with other options. Our team is highly educated and experienced and can provide clients with a much more straightforward and cost-effective solution. After over 40 years of experience, we have found that this kind of guided dissolution is hugely helpful to those with children in particular, as it makes for a much less turbulent experience.

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How a Dissolution of Marriage Works: Your Alternatives

With our help when both parties can agree we can create a separation agreement (and parenting plan when needed) to dissolve the marriage. Litigation means that all issues would be determined by a stranger in a black robe – the judge, our experience strongly suggests that the parties and the parents are much more able to create a fair agreement than a judge who issues an order. Working together to find a resolution will mean that both parties have more control over the final outcome and the likelihood of compliance with the terms of the agreement is much greater than the likelihood of compliance with the order issued by a judge.

A few examples of the topics you must agree on include:

  • Parenting time and decision-making (formerly known as child custody):
  • Division of marital assets and identifying separate property;
  • Allocation of marital debts; and
  • Cash flow including spousal support (maintenance) and child support

Once you have reached an agreement addressing the key issues we will prepare a separation agreement and parenting plan if needed. We are here to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible every step of the way.

Uncontested Divorce Attorney in Boulder

To commence a divorce or dissolution of marriage case the parties together or one of the parties must file a petition for dissolution of marriage. The steps following the filling will vary depending on whether the parties filed jointly or not. Filing of the petition for dissolution of marriage triggers a number of deadlines and meeting those deadlines is essential to getting the divorce finalized and to avoid the risk of getting the case dismissed.

If the parties can reach an agreement with respect to all of the issues in the divorce proceeding, i.e. division of marital assets, allocation of marital debts, parental responsibilities, child support, spousal maintenance, a decree of dissolution can be entered by the court anytime after the 91st day from the date of filing. This process is the fastest and the least expensive way to dissolve a marriage. Even where the parties believe they can reach an agreement on all issues, the parties should seek legal advice to customize and/or review their separation agreement and/or parenting plan to make sure that their specific needs and/or the needs of their children are properly expressed. We often must help those who have filed written agreements which are unclear or ambiguous.

Trust Our Boulder Divorce Attorneys

We encourage everyone to have an experienced family law attorney review agreement before they are filed with the court. Our unbundled services/limited representation is a perfect fit for these parties.

    Let Us Lend You a Helping Hand

    Going through a divorce can be stressful. You can rely on us to guide you through the process of dissolution to end your marriage. Our Boulder dissolution attorneys at Michael C. Morphew, Attorney at Law are prepared to provide you with the compassionate and family-oriented representation you deserve.

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    Why Contact Michael C. Morphew?

    • Family Oriented

      We prioritize the highest degree of amicability for the sake of maintaining peace for the entire family, especially children.

    • Personalized Approach

      Our philosophy is to approach each family's situation in a manner that is creative and addresses that client's particular needs.

    • 45 Years' Experience

      Since 1979, our attorneys have seen it all. We cannot be blindsided and know how to treat any situation with knowledge and professionalism.

    “I met Michael through his website. He was unique in that he very clearly stated his value proposition as a family attorney. At the same time he laid out that if you wanted to have him give you an assessment of how he could help it would require a segment of time that he would need to charge for. That unique honestly, compared to offerring free evaluation, that would not have the same value, is the same honestly and integrity he employed towards navigating my issues. That seems to be a rare trait in Family law.”

    - R.B.
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